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August 3, at pm. If you are purchasing 15 items and have 15 coupons that say one coupon per purchase, then you can use 15 coupons. If the coupon says one coupon per purchase per transaction or household, you can only use 1 per transaction. July 10, at pm. I really enjoy your site; I am preparing to begin couponing. It looks like your link to the Moms Need to Know site is broken.

I guess they also thought better of posting that info. May 30, at pm. May 9, at pm. May 11, at pm.

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May 2, at am. April 14, at am. February 20, at pm. February 22, at pm. January 17, at pm. Also kept thinking to myself…. January 18, at pm. January 15, at pm. On extreme couponing the people are saving a lot of money by collecting the same coupon on that one product, but most only allow one coupon per purchase.

So how do they save all this money if the are only allowed to use the coupon once? Each item is a purchase.

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May 12, at pm. Each box is a purchase so they get their own coupon. May 17, at pm. Molly , No, only 1 coupon can be applied to each item. You cannot use another coupon on either of those boxes. For example, if my shopping trip consisted of only those two boxes in your example, then that would be one coupon per transaction. If I used two coupons like I described, then that would be one coupon per purchase because you are purchasing items.

November 16, at pm. November 20, at pm. Great article. I found the discount table helpful is there a similar table for the mfg id and family codes? September 28, at am. Thank you for taking your time to post. I have in the past made some mistakes and have always wondered why they took one stack of coupons and not another. February 24, at pm. We should encourage everyone to participate in this. I personally save hundreds of dollars a month.. October 7, at pm. This may be a different subject for you to cover, but I have always wondered how the store actually gets the money for the coupons from the manufacturer.

I have seen a couple of those recently too and they are very strange. In that instance you would go with the household limit. Thanks for the information!! Does that mean only one per household or one per purchase? October 7, at am. I could totally be wrong, but that makes the most sense to me.

Coupon fraud is crime, even if it feels harmless: Coupon Counselor -

How To Get More Coupons! October 6, at pm. Thank you K for asking that and thank you Stephanie for the update! NOT that I would use this information for anything other than its intended purpose, but I am glad I am armed with this knowledge so I can now stick up for myself and my coupons when the cashier questions me. Instead of arguing, I said that I would take one item and let them put the rest back. Wow, Steph! What a great and thorough post!

I never knew any of this, and often wondered just how I was supposed to know if I was purchasing the correct item.

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Now I do! Couponing offers a variety of money-saving strategies that encourage and motivate readers to get creative and explore different savings techniques. Couponing Basics January 26, Angel May 24, at pm. Karen May 28, at pm. Kristin March 31, at pm. Jenifer January 13, at am. What do that mean? Meagan September 9, at am. Sarah June 28, at pm.

Meagan June 29, at am.

Coupon fraud is crime, even if it feels harmless: Coupon Counselor

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I work in retail. I have scanned coupons where the customer did not purchase the required item s I explain to the customer and that I would not be able to accept said coupon and that is a type of fraud. And remember stealing is stealing!! And honesty is always the best policy. First, coupons represent only a small fraction of the tender used to purchase merchandise. A tiny fraction of that is incorrect, that is, perceived by the point-of-sale machine as valid when not.

And then, even if it is invalidly accepted, the store can still get reimbursed simply by submitting it. You are just venting your hostility toward your customers, or perhaps you are disguising some of your own guilt. The main source of loss for a store is employee theft. Cvs says the qseer app is not legit….


They said they could only use the coupon on the items shown on the coupon. The nivea coupon said hand lotion but when I scanned it it said could be used on the nivea lip care. Most stores like Walmart just want the coupon to beep and not deal with the hassle even if you have the correct thing on the coupon and it does not go through.

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